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Leadership and organizational development

Leadership and organizational development in MIND: builds on strengths, hands-on training and hard work. We add value to your organization and contribute to extraordinary performances.


Leadership development is largely about understanding the psychology in one’s own and other’s behavior. When we understand the mechanisms which steer our choices and motivations, we are better equipped to make good choices in challenging situations. This applies to organizational aspects, human relationships, communication, collaboration, and individual actions and responses.

Strength-based leadership is an application of positive psychology which focuses on individual, team, and organizational strengths and resources. Inner motivation is closely tied with the strengths of each individual and the person’s desire to be recognized and valued in the areas they deem themselves as competent and worthy. After mapping strengths, we facilitate systematic training on applying strengths to achieve goals and excellent performance. 

Our leadership development program gives a thorough training in how to lead strength-based and apply positive psychology in practice. The leaders will understand the theory, content, and meaning of psychological phenomena like mindset, emotions, self-regulation, mental techniques, the use of one’s own strengths and values, as well as practical use of theory and training on reality through simulations.

Leadership and organizational development in MIND: is facilitated in three dimensions.

1 – Lead and develop the self

In this dimension, the leader’s strengths, resources, and challenges are mapped. Leaders learn techniques on how to balance strengths, set goals and create training plans. Our method is designed to create the internal motivation needed to invest energy and effort in goal attainment. The process is closely aligned with the goals and strategies of the company to ensure and optimal leadership development.  

2 – Lead and develop others

This dimension emphasizes the vital link between leader and leadership development, as leadership is conducted in contexts - with relations. The leaders are trained in how to identify, balance, develop and apply the strengths and resources of colleagues and teams. We apply a structured method for building internal motivation to achieve goals, and particularly focus on techniques for good communication and interaction.  

3 – Lead and develop the organization 

Leaders will be able to apply a learning-oriented and strength-based approach to development and realization of the organization’s vision, goals, strategy and values. The integral topics in this step are culture, knowledge management, company reputation, and skills training in storytelling. We are especially interested in the connection between values and strengths in the individual in interaction with the team’s members and how this is expressed in the organization’s culture.


MIND: has developed a 7-step method for strength-based development that is theoretically founded in positive psychology and draws on key research in the field. The Mind-method was developed parallel to a doctoral thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, as a spin-off research-practice collaboration situated at the University's Innovation Centre.

Our approach differ from traditional schools of thought in leadership development as our academic perspective is founded on positive psychology and strength-based development. The structure of our method - with the dynamic exchange between theory on a variety of levels and hands-on training – is essential in order to achieve change and development.


Research shows that acting in accordance with your strengths generates enthusiasm and interest, increases goal attainment, and enhances perseverance and achievement. 

Our approach particularly focuses on leader and leadership, but encompasses the entire organization. In the collaborative space between people there is an extremely exciting potential to create added value, both in terms of the interaction between people and in the working product. Our skills in facilitation and communication ensures that knowledge will be understood, created, and applied. 

By applying strengths aligned with corporate goals and systematic training, we are democratizing excellence.

MIND: offers a robust and understandable academic foundation and combines it with practical tools that allow for effective work with value-based leadership. The most important aspect of the MIND: method is that the leaders and employees are motivated to systematic training and hard work. Nils Kristian Nakstad - adm. direktør Enova
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