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We deliver courses and lectures for the private and public sector. In our courses we share our knowledge and methods in a credible, down-to-earth, and inspiring manner. We build on our own and recent research within positive psychology which gives us a unique academic foundation.

We are commited to turning academic research into hands-on exercises that teach participants through active participation and experiential learning. Our core strengths are communication, dissemination and facilitation of group processes. A lecture or course promises to be an inspiring experience that creates reflection, learning, and motivates change.


We hold lectures in a broad range of topics. We are often asked to talk about positive psychology as an academic field, health promotion work, well-being and happiness, change and development, how mindset and emotions regulates behavior, personal growth and development, mental training, and psychological flow.

Our team is highly educated within psychology or related fields, providing the foundation for our flexibility in communication and teaching possibilities. We can tailor the content of a lecture to your needs and interest, so please contact us to learn more.

MIND: mixes theory/methods and application/training in an outstanding manner that motivates individuals. This contributes to a winner culture with great values in our company. I am convinced that our work with MIND is one of our success criteria for the future. Stig-Bjarne Silseth - Financial Manager, Hycast
Leadership and organizational development