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Sebastian Stein

Sebastian is Minds expert in strategy development and implementation in combination with leadership. He´s been working as a business developer in several startup companies and as a strategy consultant


Sebastian is concerned with looking holistically at leadership development. He is at his best when he combines strategy development and implementation with building teams around a common goal. He is curious, playful and likes to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be human and how we can live good lives. He builds Lego in his spare time.


Sebastian has worked with business development and strategy development in several start-ups and larger companies, with crisis management in the field for MSF and with community communication and management communication in Zynk and WWF. He has advised a number of leaders and top executives in management, strategy and communication.


Master of Science in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU (2006), specializing in entrepreneurship. Studied crisis management at Harvard Kennedy School. Now taking a diploma study in positive psychology in Iceland.

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