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Benedicte Langseth-Eide

Benedicte is a fully trained psychologist and is currently a research fellow. She communicates and uses scientifically rooted knowledge in ways that makes it concrete, applicable, direct and vivid.


Benedicte is impassioned about seeing others discover their true potential and purpose. She is driven by development and growth, and is passionate about communicating her knowledge. Key values to Benedicte are authenticity and fellow-being, she wants “the real deal”.


Benedicte has extensive experience in both clinical and organizational practice – from therapy, supervising, running courses and leadership training – individually and in groups. She is an experienced lecturer, both at the University and other arenas.


Benedicte is a fully trained psychologist and has completed studies in management at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. She is currently a research fellow in Organizational Psychology. Her research focuses on how organizations can succeed – at an individual, group and structural level.

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