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Research & development

As a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, MIND: was established in 2010 to develop and commercialize research based practical training methods within positive psychology and strength-based development. During its first three years, Mind: was situated at the University's Innovation Centre, and has since then co-worked within the academic field through research collaborations and academic teaching of applied courses for Master and PhD students. 

Since its startup, Mind: has given numerous lectures on the topic and implemented strength-based leadership in corporate businesses within fields, for instance oil & gas (e.g. Statoil, Emas, Hycast, Det Norske), technology / innovation / health (e.g. Powel, Interwell, HEMIT), public sectors (e.g. Enova), and sports (e.g. FIFA, IOC). 

The Mind-method was developed in three parallel processes: A doctoral thesis from the Department of Psychology at NTNU, which forms the theoretical and empirical
foundation of the Mind-method; applied academic teaching within
positive psychology, and the continuous testing and adjusting in real
business cases.


Professor Joar Vittersø, University of Tromsø

Professor Grete Wennes, NTNU - Trondheim Business School  

Ph.D. Dora Gudmundsdottir, Director of Determinants of Health and Well-Being, Iceland

Ph.D. Frans Ørsted Andersen

Professor Marisa Salanova, University of Jaume, Castellón


  • Joar Vittersø

    Professor: Department of Psychology
  • Grete Wennes

    Professor in leadership studies
  • Frans Ørsted Andersen

    Associate professor
  • Dora Gudmunsdottir

    Directorate of Health
  • Marisa Salanova

    Professor: University of Jaume
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