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Leadership and organizational development

Leadership and organizational development in MIND: builds on strengths, hands-on training and hard work. We add value to your organization and contribute to extraordinary performances.

Courses & lectures

Our courses and lectures build on our own and other recent research within positive psychology. We turn academic research into hands-on exercises that teach participants through active participation and experiential learning.

Research & development

MIND: collaborates with several international researches within positive psychology and strength development. Our practical methods are continuously developing as cutting edge research and knowledge progresses.

NEW digital video course: Value-based and ethical leadership

Build awareness around your and your employees' personal values ​​to increase commitment, involvement, and energy, and to create a more collaborative workplace.

Digital video modules: Well being and resilience in the workplace

As a result of the pandemic, we see an increased demand for knowledge and tools on how employees can pursue good self-management and handle the combination of high demands and low resources as well..

The effect

Research shows that applying strengths create energy and leads to optimal performance. We are democratizing excellence through aligning the strengths of the leaders and teams with corporate goals.


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