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Digital video modules: Well being and resilience in the workplace

Mental health - Our most important resource! 
The covid-19 pandemic has put the world in a very demanding situation with a high degree of uncertainty. Several employees work from home and their everyday lives have changed considerably. For us, it means that our stage for disseminating research-based knowledge is now in Teams and Zoom.

To still serve our purpose of making change, we have produced infection-free digital video modules for our leadership development programs. Our latest module focus on resilience and well-being in the workplace. If you want access to the series – please contact


It has always been profitable to work systematically and goal-oriented to promote good mental health in the workplace. We have solid research that shows that employees who feel good and function well are more likely to reach goals, deliver better quality and higher performance. We also see it as a part of the social mission of companies - in line with the UN's sustainability goal no. 3 (ensuring good health).

In times of extra high pressure as a result of the pandemic, we see an increased demand for knowledge and tools on how employees can conduct good self-management, as well as handle the combination of high demands (eg. home office or increased worries) and low resources (eg. lack of social support or unpredictable future).

We believe the demands are reflected in national and global numbers on mental health and mental illness in general - we now see a significant increase in the population's symptom pressure on anxiety, depression, and worries (

The home office situation makes it difficult to predict how this will affect employees' mental and physical health in the future.

But remember that mental health is something other than the absence of mental illness, and it, therefore, requires a different approach to work to promote health. We know that feeling good and functioning well has a strong connection with what you do. Therefore, we have created a video module with 21 episodes that give employees knowledge, insight, and practical tools to guide themselves to manage and balance the relationship between requirements and resources in their job situation. Total time spent on all episodes in pure playing time are about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Advantages of the video series are that the episodes can be watched over again several times, paused, and other video features.

Digital module: Well-being and resilience in the workplace

The goal and desired effect of the video series is to give employees the following:

1) Knowledge of the factors that can inhibit or promote high-quality goal achievement - both personal (eg job commitment), relational (eg social support), and situation (eg pandemic or uncertain job future), even in difficult times with high pressure.

2) Through reflection-tasks and practical exercises create insight into one's situation on what inhibits or promotes quality and goal achievement, and what the individual needs to function at their best.

3) Training in a practical tool allows the participant to craft their job situation (job crafting). The tool can be used further in team processes and employee interviews.

The target group is all employees and managers in companies.


The video series consists of 12 episodes with the following themes:

1. Introduction - our most important resource: Employees who are well and working well. Learning objectives for the entire series.

2. What separates mental illness from normal reactions to stress and strain?

3. What is mental health and why is it profitable? Research is clear that mental health is something more and more than the absence of disease. It has a strong connection with what we do - and we can therefore influence how we feel and how we work.

4. How can we affect our mental health? How do we play up the resources in and between people? Practical episode.

5. Mental health in the workplace - Job Requirements, the resource model as a framework.
a) What leads to motivation, commitment, and goal achievement, and what drains energy and leads to poor performance and poor health.

6. Job requirements - physical, social, or organizational aspects of the job that require sustained effort and that can therefore reduce health and hinder goal achievement

7. Job resources - physical, social, or organizational aspects of the job that help you achieve goals, reduce job demands and at the same time stimulate learning and development.

8. Reflection exercise job-requirements resources

9. Personal resources - your core values and strengths.

10. Engaging management - how managers can help balance the relationship between job and requirements by facilitating the use of strengths and resources

11. Exercise job crafting - a tool for mapping energy sources and energy leaks, making room for maneuver visible, and planning / implementing change.

Participants are given access to our digital platform for video learning. Each episode lasts between 2 and 10 minutes and is educational and informative. Total time spent will depend on how much time the individual spends in the practical exercises that are uploaded on the same platform.

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